How to Create a Safe and Pet-Friendly Home Environment

Having pets in your home is a great joy and a bundle of fun every day. With this joy comes the responsibility of caring for them, not just food or shelter but ensuring the environment is pet friendly. What we mean by being pet friendly is a healthy environment where they don't get allergies or germs too quickly and is free of toxins. Animals generally have different immune systems than humans, so what might work for you can be detrimental or not for your pet. Let us guide you in creating the perfect environment for your pets with these simple tips.


Choosing the Proper Upholstery Material

Humans love shiny and soft things like velvet or silk, but these are vast and potent magnets for your pet's shedding fur. This material will push you to clean more often than needed. So we recommend using leather, denim, and quality textiles with thicker and tighter weaves so they aren't easily shredded if your pets love to sharpen their nails on them. It is pretty standard for them.

Keeping Your Home and Pets Clean

The more time you go without cleaning or vacuuming, the more dirt and germs accumulate. Your pets, like humans, are prone to these germs, making them sick more often. So invest in a quality vacuum cleaner that can clean places your pets move about, plus other things like curtains or drapes. 

Another great option is using an air purifier with an environmentally friendly filter. You can also install similar filters in your air conditioning to give your whole family a healthy environment.

Add More In-House Plants

Vegetation is a natural air purifier, so keeping a few pots inside will clean the air as they extract CO2 from the atmosphere and give you pure oxygen. They are also soothing to look at and can help reduce stress when you regularly take care of them.

Animals are innately attached to nature, and even though they love being with you, their health is enhanced when they feel plants around them.

Non-Toxic Chemicals For Paints and Landscaping

Pet scaping has become quite popular and common when families hire professionals to adjust the backyard or their home to be pet friendly. This asks for using non-toxic chemicals for a great-looking outlook. It would help to weigh their health against how good your backyard will look.

Pets eat everything everywhere, so they will get sick often if you use chemicals you don't know about. So research, choose recommended chemicals and paints for pets, and healthily enjoy your pets' company.

Install Pet-Friendly Flooring

This also pertains to keeping your home clean; the more pristine it is, the lesser the germs. But if you need help cleaning the flooring properly, install laminate tiling on your floors if they are hardwood. These are easier to clean and come in a variety of colors.

If you can't change the flooring because it can be expensive, then consider carpets that are pet friendly. These carpets are spill-proof and resistant to stains, and you can wash them quickly when needed. 

Your pets can now move around the house quickly and without worry.


Potty Spaces

Cats and dogs love to spray pee all over to mark their territory. While inside, you can train them not to do it inside; outside, they are the king. So, invest in pebbled areas around your plants so they can't spray, as they don't like this type of flooring. You can also install artificial turf, which can be easily cleaned and easily on the eyes.

The next step is to train them to potty at designated areas around the home and backyard. You need to clean and replace the dirt in the litter box, but once trained, they won't pee or potty anywhere else.

Have Strong Lids for Trash Cans in a Safe Place

Pets don't know they shouldn't eat from the trash. It's just food to them. No wonder they love rummaging through your trash cans or buckets. It is better to keep a firm lid on them and out of reach so they don't explore them.

The other option is to place it inside a closed enclosure like a cabinet or pantry so they don't have access to them. Sometimes the waste food can be rotten or home of chemicals unsuitable for animals. They could get sick when ingesting them.

Safe and Green Cleaning Solutions

We regularly use cleaning chemicals containing bleach, ammonia, Formaldehyde, Phenol, etc., because they wash well. But pets who aren't aware of these things are dangerous for them. They can eat or drink off the floor, which can cause issues for them. These problems can range anything from skin irritation to respiratory and digestive issues. 

In this case, the best option is to use toxic-free chemicals though they are more expensive. You can use white vinegar to clean surfaces like glass, and safe for pets. You can also use Hydrogen peroxide when your pet has peed, which can disinfect and clean the mark quickly.

Access to Water

Pets should always have access to water that should be replaced regularly so it doesn't go rancid or has moss. Now water availability isn't just for drinking; pets, especially dogs, love playing with them. We recommend installing a fountain or a small pool where they can play around or cool down when it is hot.

You don't have to go overboard in making a great pool; you can easily buy sturdy inflatable water pools that do the job well. 

Final Thoughts on Pet-Friendly Homes

Just as protective home equipment when a new baby is born or on the way, pets need similar care. Many things, such as toxic materials or choking hazards, can make them sick. The first time you install or start managing these things will be time-consuming. But in due time, it will become a habit, and your pets will have a safe and healthy environment in your home.