Top 10 Pet-Friendly Hotels: The Ultimate Accommodations for Your Furry Friend

If you have pets at home, you need to understand that traveling with a furry family member can sometimes be difficult. Most places are required to prepare for the dramatic changes in recent years. They are now even welcoming five-star hotels with open arms, so hotels and resorts are now attracting customers through them. Browse her Instagram page, and you'll see "Yappy Hour" mentioned at least once.

Consider which hotels and resorts will treat your furry friend like royalty on your next vacation.


1. Auto Camp Resort

Most AutoCamp resorts are located near national parks, making them great places for you and your four-legged friend to explore and adventure together. You can stay in their cabins, camp, or luxury tents.

You can choose from Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Cape Cod, and more. Best based on multiple reviews, the original location is the Russian River near the charming town of Guerneville, CA. Pets are approximately $75 per pet and must be reserved by phone in advance.

2. L'Auberge De Sedona - Arizona

They offer furry little shelters with all the amenities your dog needs. Talk about sleeping in a comfortable bed with a snack bag and plenty of food and water. L'Auberge De Sedona brings you an unforgettable high desert adventure you'll be happy to bring along with your pet.

If you travel to an area that doesn't allow pets during your stay, you can use a local dog walking service for a small fee.

3. Home2Suites by Hilton

Beginning in 2022, the Hilton hotel chain will be the first five-star hotel chain to have pet-friendly properties at all locations. This is a huge achievement and a great place to stay in most of the US, as they have a pet-friendly policy at 570 locations.

Their Home2Suites offer pet-friendly services, with dedicated spaces within hotels and suites for your pets. For $50, you can get your pet a fantastic vacation, and that's not a bad deal.

4. Aloft brand

Didn't we say most hotels treat your furry friend like royalty the moment you walk in? You might be jealous of how Aloft treats pet guests. As part of "Animal Fun" or "Arf," they have several policies, such as keeping smaller animals with you or having separate pet enclosures.

Most establishments don't charge for special treatment other than free treats and toys.

5. The Ritz-Carlton

What more would you like to offer your pet besides a great spa, special treats, and amenities? While some Marriott properties have almost no pet policies, the Ritz-Carlton treats your pets excellently.

Remember to check out the special packages available for your pet, which include food and space and specialized walkers to take them on play and hikes. It is advisable to check what they offer based on your location.


6. Thompson Savannah

This natural Thompson Savannah resort has a park to enjoy the Savannah River and many activities. But you want to know what they offer for pets. There's a lot here—delicious treats for your pet and special accommodations when you dine at fine-dining restaurants. Your pet can also take a special tour with on-site pet lover Amanda Marks, complete with a custom bed - plenty of walkways for walking your pet yourself and enjoying the scenery and nature.

7. Napa River Inn – California

At the Napa River Inn, you get most of the other hotels' amenities, such as bedding, bowls, food, and snacks. Most of these are covered in their pet plans. What sets this lodge apart from other hotels and hostels is its local guides, who are happy to organize group playtime with others for a small fee.

8. Hyatt Place - anywhere in the US

When looking for an affordable, pet-friendly area, you choose Hyatt Place hotels, not just in the United States but worldwide. They have over 400 websites for furry friends and family around the world.

What sets Hyatt Place apart from the others on this list is that it offers you pet spots and workspace at most locations if you want to work there.

9. Best Western Inn - Texas

A great location, hiking trails and parks for your pets, and every luxury you can imagine, and for only $80 per pet, what more could you ask for? The Best Western offers many pet amenities, such as the B. Store, which sells toys and accessories, trash bags, and more.

Best of all, dogs and cats aren't welcome only pets here. You can bring parrots and tarantulas, which are normal-sized pets. Most of these facilities are offered at various United States, Canada, and the Caribbean locations. So get ready for one of the most fun and relaxing vacations when you choose the Best Western.

10. Hotel selection

With a few exceptions, most hotels and destinations are upscale, so sometimes you'll travel, but you'll only be staying one night in some places. Home prices are high in these locations, requiring affordable and pet-friendly homes.

Boutique Hotels International is not just a hotel chain; they are a large umbrella organization for many popular brands as they are budget travel destinations. If you're here for a festival and need a safe place for your pets, these hotels are some of the best places to stay.

Final thoughts

Imagine you go on vacation and leave one of your kids behind; that's what it's like to go there, and the hotel doesn't offer proper pet facilities. This is no longer a problem, as more and more providers offer this option, as you can see from this list.