Top 10 Exotic Pets to Consider for the Adventurous Pet Lover

When people consider keeping or rescuing animals as pets, it's usually a cat or a dog. Keeping different species of parrots in the home is less common but still practiced. But some adventurers go overboard when it comes to owning exotic animals as pets, maybe because it's cool or, in some cases, dangerous. Which exotic animals are legal to own as pets? let us see.

1. Holding a porcupine

One of the main reasons to consider porcupines as pets is that they are adorable and not easily scared. So before you get one, you need to know how surprised they would be if they did, as their feathers are very spiny and could be dangerous if you have children.

Therefore, before you keep a porcupine as an exotic pet, you should prepare a suitable cage and glass enclosure so that it will spend most of its time indoors. Second, you need permission from the authorities, as they do not recommend it. They can wreak havoc when they become free and not part of the local ecosystem. Therefore, you need a special license to keep them.

2. Why not a Bengal cat but a dog?

How fancy can you be if you want to keep a Bengal cat as a pet? They are not as furry as a normal cat but are almost as big as a normal dog. The good thing about them is that the first thing you should know is that they are at least three or four generations away from their bush ancestors. In this way, they can be easily domesticated and live like normal cats, although they play a bit more than normal cats and resemble dogs in some ways.


3. Hermit Crab – Not as cute, but still cute

If you like cute animals, hermit crabs aren't for you, but if you already have a cat or dog and can afford a crab tank, go ahead. They only occupy a little space, but we recommend a 10-gallon tank. If you keep hermit crabs, add your favorite fish for extra color and add at least two or three crabs to keep your hermit crabs company.

4. Make your bunny hop

Rabbits aren't as exotic as some of the other rabbits on this list, but they still require much attention. You can keep them in regular cages, but you shouldn't cement their cage floors if you want to provide them with a mature, healthy environment. Let them dig tunnels and enjoy some wild animals. The only problem with this option is that if they appear in different places as openings for tunnels, you may not like what they are doing to your garden.

5. Dick Dick and Your Bambi

If you're considering a pet for your children, the dix is a good choice, as they are cute little antelopes that resemble deer. If you adopt her, you can share the animated Bambi movies with your kids, making them so happy they might even want to keep one as a pet. However, they are costly. So before you risk buying them as exotic pets, consider your budget.

6. The snake that is not a ball python but a dangerous snake

They are not dangerous and fairly docile creatures, but they must be given meat from their favorite rodents. But it helps if you keep them in an aquarium that allows them to thrive. Otherwise, they look for the darkest or warmest corners of your home. We recommend storing them in a 40-gallon tank labeled friendly on one side and cold on the other.

They are one of the easiest exotic animals to care for and live a long life. They make great decorations for your living room and add five stars for their unknown nature.

7. Creepy Tarantula

If you were considering an exotic pet, your first choice would be a tarantula. You must have seen them in many different movies over the years, but they weren't as dangerous or evil as the movies portrayed. If you buy it from a pet store, it is undoubtedly safe. We don't recommend picking them outdoors because you need to know what species they are and whether they are pet-friendly.

8. Come on, turtles!

Another exotic animal that is easier to keep in this list of exotic animals is because they are so tame and gentle that they can eat almost most vegetables and fruits. They are slow and easy to catch if they escape. If you make an enclosure for them, ensure there is water to soak in and change often to keep them fresh.

Just like rabbits and hares, you must have heard of people who have kept them as pets at least once.


9. Jump as high as the Patagonian Mara

Easy to feed, jump high, is fun for kids, and resembles a deer but is a large rodent. Mara are outdoor animals, and we do not recommend keeping them indoors as they are not as trainable and excitable as dogs.

10. Hyacinth Macaw – the best substitute for a parrot

Native to South America, these parrots can reach a length of 90cm and are easily recognizable by their striking blue color. They are prized for their beauty and longevity compared to other parrots, making them an excellent choice for a pet that will live as long as your children.

Remember - Final Thoughts

No matter which type of pet you decide to keep, remember that whether they are exotic or not, they all require care. Every pet has its own set of living and food requirements, so do some research before adopting. Second, try to keep their habitat as close to their natural habitat as possible so they stay in their habitat.